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Who Am I?
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Can you name the Teen Beach cast below?
  • I have a perfect smile
  • I love to surf
  • I'm more pretty
  • I love to chew gum
  • I wear pink pumps
  • I'm a biker
  • The betties all stare at me
  • Wet Side Story is my favorite movie
  • I love Mac
  • I love to dance
  • I'm a surfer
  • I can't get my hips to stop
  • I like my hair teased high
  • I giggle alot
  • I think surfers is bad
  • I always wear a hat
  • I like shooting angry birds
  • I don't like rats
  • I'm a Rodent
  • I think surfers are very bad
  • I'm a sidekick
  • I love to surf
  • I think girls can do anything boys can do
  • I can't stop singing
  • I'm the leader of the Rodents
  • I'm a tough guy
  • I'm wrapped in leather
  • I fall in love with a surfer
  • My brother is a Rodent
  • My outfit is tight
  • I like to dance with Big Momma
  • I repeat my friends
  • I'm a crazy kinda guy
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