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Wet Side Story
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Brady-“Mac, we’re in the movie.”

Mac-“What movie?”

Brady-“My movie, Wet Side Story.”


Seacat-“Hey Rascal.”

Rascal-“Yea, Seacat?”


Brady-“I mean, insane!”


Mac-“Oh, so cats is okay, but dogs is weird.”


Mac-“So, we landed in the middle of a surf ‘n’ turf war?”


Butchy-“Surfers, thought I smelled something fishy.”

Seacat-“Rodents, I knew I should’ve laid some traps.”

Giggles-“Thought you were exterminated.”

Lugnut-“And I thought you surfers was all washed up.”

Butchy-“Yea, cuz clearly you’s is drips.”

Cheechee-“You should make like the ocean and wave goodbye. *giggle* Cause Butchy wants this place to himself.”

Struts-“Yea, Butchy wants this place all to himself.”


Tanner-“Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me….what?”

Butchy-“I’ll show you what.”


Mac-“You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?”


Butchy-“Shut up, I’m thinking.”

Cheechee-“How long is that gonna take?”

Butchy-“Oh, great now I gots two things to think about.”


Lela-“You know they’re not so bad.”

Cheechee-“All surfers is bad.”

Struts-“Yea, all surfers is bad.”

Lugnut-“Except for the ones that are very bad.”

Butchy-“They’re even worse.”


Big Momma-“If you can catch it, Big Momma can cook it.”


Lela-“Who are you?”

Brady-“Brady, your knight in shining boy shorts.”

Lela-“That’s a really long last name.”


Tanner-“Nice of you to drop in.”

Mac-“Sorry, I didn’t see you.”

Tanner-“Well, now that you do, do you like what you see?”


Mac-“The mannequin with six rows of teeth just asked me out.”


Lela-“Oh, bonkers, are you two together?”



Mac-“You mind if I join you?”

Tanner-“Of course, I’d wanna join me, too.”


Mac-“Was that Shakespeare?”

Tanner-“Uh, no that was me, sometimes I talk low for effect.”

Mac-“It works.”

Tanner-“Thanks.  I can do hiiiiiiiigh, also.”


Mac-“I’ve never had a pajama party.”

Lela-“We do them all the time, we’re having one tonight.”

Mac-“You don’t say?”

Lela-“Sure I do, I just did.”


Brady-“Tanner, what are you guys doing later?”

Tanner-“Hangin’ at Big Momma’s, you wanna come?”




Mac-“No, no, this is not a song!”


Cheechee-“Just keep teasin’ Struts!”

Struts-“Jiminy jeeps, Cheechee, how high do you want me to go?”

Cheechee-“Until your ears pop!”



Mac-“Why should a boy influence what you choose to where or anything you do?”

Cheechee-“Simple, a girl will look at your dress, a boy will look at how you look in your dress.”


Cheechee-“Has the spark come off your plugs?!”


Lela-“I don’t know where you’re from, but around here you have to ask a boy out without asking him.”


Seacat-“It’s this game I play where I shoot stuff and I try to hit that angry bird.”

Brady-“Wait a minute, Angry…(laughs)”


Seacat-“We don’t date no rats.”

Brady-“You wouldn’t take out a girl just cause she’s a biker?”

Seacat-“The tide wouldn’t take out a girl just cause she’s a biker.”


Brady-“What’s up Elvis?”

Mac-“Hey frat boy.”





Mac-“You’re a pretty smart guy.”

Tanner-“Yea, but more pretty. (giggles)”


Lela-“You know sometimes I think that boys don’t tell us what they’re thinking because telling us would involve more thinking.  But they make up for it by being cute…and boys!”




Mac-“Hair! Hair!”

Brady-“Your hair isn’t wet .”

Mac-“My hair isn’t wet!”

Brady-“What does that mean?”

Mac-“It means my hair isn’t wet!”

Brady-“And that means?”

Mac-“It means we’re morphing, changing, morphing into the movie.


Mac-“What are we gonna dooooo?(singing)”

Brady-“You’re singing.”

Mac-“I’m siiiingiiing.(singing)”

Brady-“Why are you singing?”

Mac-“I don’t know, I suddenly just...”(singing)”

Brady-“…broke into song.”


Brady-“I know karate!  And like..two other Japanese words.”


Lela-“I know bikers aren’t supposed to like surfing, but I don’t care.  (Sigh) Oh my gosh, I don’t care!”

Tanner-“You don’t?  Hey, you know what?”

Lela-“No, I don’t know that either.”

Tanner-“I’ve always wanted to ride a motorcycle.”

Lela-“Are you serious?”

Tanner-“No, I’m Tanner!”


Butchy-“Why should we do anything with them?”

Seacat-“We didn’t wanna do anything with you first?”


Tanner-“I never thought I’d have anything in common with a biker…that is, until I took a ride with one.”


Butchy-“I love you sis….now let’s do this, together!”


Brady-“It could be worse…at least my favorite movie wasn’t Tarantulas on a Train.”


Butchy-“I gotta be honest with you, I’m not big on lighthouses.  It’s kind of a thing, for some people it’s snakes, some people it’s heights, for me, it’s lighthouses!”


Butchy-“You guys saved Big Momma’s, and for that we are to you, gratefully grateful.”


Brady-“You know what we should do?”




Butchy-“Where’s Big Momma’s?”

Lela-“Where are we?”

Tanner-“My hair!”

Dude on Beach-“You guys are totally lost….you need to use my phone?”


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