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Wet Side Story
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Teenagers, Brady and his girlfriend Mac love to surf and hang on the beach all day.  When they find themselves thrown into Brady's favorite musical, "Wet Side Story", Mac's whole future is on the line. 

They meet "Wet Side Story's" local Surfers and Bikers, The Rodents.  They find themselves in the middle of a surf n turf war between the two groups.  The Surfers and the Bikers both want the local hangout, Big Momma's all to themselves. 

While Mac is panicking over how to get back home, Brady is ecstatic to be in his all-time favorite musical, and he joins right in the fun! 

When the Surfers invite Brady and Mac to their shindig, the two find that they have interfered with the storyline of the movie.  Tanner and Lela, the Surfer and the Biker, were to fall in love with each other, but with Brady and Mac in the movie, things changed.  Now Lela is falling for Brady and Tanner is fascinated with Mac. 

Now, it's up to Brady and Mac to figure out how to get Tanner and Lela together and fix the movie the way it's meant to be....




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