(Mary Alice Brandon)
Born 1901
Biloxi, Mississippi

Mary Alice or “Alice” was the daughter of a southern couple from Biloxi, Mississippi.  Her father was a jeweler, while her mother kept their home.  Alice experienced premonitions, seeing the future, from the time she was a small child.  On a couple of occasions, she tried to warn friends and family about what she had seen, but they didn’t believe her.  When the visions came true, she was deemed a “witch” by the towns people.  And when she envisioned her mother’s murder, and it came to pass, her father made her keep silent.  After her father remarries, Alice realizes that he and his new wife had something to do with the murder, and they now plan to kill her.  When Alice goes to the town’s sheriff, she finds her father is already there, and he claims that she’s gone mad.  He has her committed to a mental asylum.

While in the asylum, Alice is given electroshock therapy, and she suffers from complete amnesia.  However, it brings back her naturally cheerful personality.  Alice is befriended by an elderly vampire at the asylum who treats her as a daughter. When Alice sees that a tracker named James is coming after her, she is bitten by the elderly vampire in order to protect her.  When James finds Alice, she has already turned.

Alice Cullen

After being bitten, Alice once again loses her memory due to the pain of the venom, but her gift of seeing the future is even stronger.  That’s when she sees her future mate, Jasper Whitlock.  After finding him, she and Jasper go to the Cullens to join their family.

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