(Isabella Marie Swan
aka Bella Swan)
Born September 13, 1987
Forks, Washington

Isabella aka “Bella” Swan was born to Charlie Swan and Renee Swan Dwyer.  At only three months old, Charlie and Renee divorced.  Bella lived with her mother and grandmother in California until she was six years old.  She then moved with her mother to Phoenix, Arizona, where her mother later met and married Phil Dwyer.  Phil was a minor league baseball player, and he was on the road quite often.  So that her mother could travel with Phil, Bella chose to go and live in Forks with her father. 

Throughout her childhood, Bella had often visited Charlie during the summer.  She had never cared much for the rainy weather in Forks.  Always being independent, Bella was a very responsible individual.  She felt unusually awkward around others as she was extremely clumsy.  Bella felt she’d never truly fit in anywhere.  Her mother was her best friend, but she and Charlie were very much alike as they both kept to themselves.

Bella Cullen

Upon moving to Forks, Bella made several new friends, and even reacquainted herself with an old one, Jacob Black.  He was the son of Charlie’s best friend, Billy Black, a native American from the Quileute tribe in La Push.  But there was one person Bella was really interested in, and that was the mysterious Edward Cullen.  With each new day, Bella found herself more intrigued with him, yet she knew he had a deep, dark secret, and she was determined to find out what it was.  After learning from Jacob about the “cold ones” and through experiences she’d encountered with Edward, Bella realized she’d fallen hopelessly in love with a vampire.

When Edward returns Bella’s love, they become inseparable, and Bella longs for Edward to change her so that she can be immortal like him.  After many dilemmas and much arguing over the subject, Edward finally gives in, but only if Bella agrees to marry him first.  So the happy couple find their way to the altar, but before their honeymoon is over, Bella discovers that she’s pregnant.  After she nearly dies giving birth to their baby girl, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, Bella finally gets her wish, and Edward changes her into a vampire.

When she was human, Bella had possessed an immunity to the mental powers of vampires.  Now as a vampire, she is able to expand her gift to project a mental shield, in which she can protect others from the psychic powers of other vampires.

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