Born in La Push, Washington

Growing up in La Push, a Native American reservation in Washington, one of Billy’s earliest memories was that of his grandfather, Ephraim Black, shape-shifting into a huge, russet colored wolf.  No, it wasn’t just legend, Billy Black grew up in a world where both magic and evil lived.  Being a member of the tribal council, Billy knew the legends and origins of the Quileute tribe.  He also knew of the treaty signed by both Ephraim Black and Carlisle Cullen.  Vampires were not welcome on Quileute land.  Legend had it that whenever vampires were present, certain members of the Quileute tribe would shape-shift into giant wolves.  Billy and his friends, Harry Clearwater and Quil Ateara IV, had always hoped they would have the chance to “phase” one day to defend their tribe, but that day never came.  It never came because there were never any vampires around.  As it was, Billy’s friend, Quil was killed in a boating accident.  Billy knew that if he’d been a shape-shifter, he would have survived.

By the time Billy was twenty, he knew he would probably never see this chance, but he eventually accepted this.  He lived a happy and peaceful life with his wife, and three children – Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob.  It was when Jacob was born that Billy first saw his wolf heritage for the first time. 

Billy Black

He truly hoped that vampires would never again enter Quileute land.  He wanted the same safe and happy life for his son that he had.  Unfortunately, nine years later, he lost his wife, Sarah, in a car accident.  Billy’s daughters had a hard time dealing with the loss of their mother, and they moved away when they were old enough.  However, Billy refused to leave La Push, as he felt his son needed the stability of his tribe.  When Billy became confined to a wheelchair due to his diabetes, it was Jacob who cared for his father, and they grew very close.

Always having been socially active, Billy still spent time with his friend, Harry, but he had another friend in Forks – the Chief of Police, Charlie Swan.  Charlie didn’t know Billy’s “secrets”, but they loved to watch football together, and they loved to fish.  Charlie was a close friend to both Billy and Harry.

When the Cullen’s returned to Forks, Billy knew what this meant for his son and his friends.  Though he had never had any dealings with the Cullen’s, he knew the stories passed down by the elders of the tribe.  Billy didn’t believe the Cullen’s too be so harmless.  He worried for his son, the tribe, and the town.  When he warned Charlie and his daughter, Bella Swan, about the Cullen’s, it was in vain.  In fact, Charlie had taken a liking to Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and he was upset that Billy had taken such dislike toward the newcomers.

As for Jacob, he’d taught him about the legends, but Jacob had believed it to be just that – “legends”.  Billy knew that his son was not prepared for what was to come.

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