Born in Forks, Washington

Charlie Swan was born and raised in Forks, Washington by his parents, Geoffrey and Helen Swan.  Because his parents were already in their forties when Charlie was born, he remained an only child.  Growing up, Charlie’s best friends were Billy Black, Harry Clearwater, and Quil Ateara IV.  They were members of the Quileute tribe in La Push near Forks.  As a teenager, Charlie sometimes felt like an outsider with his friends, but he thought this to be because of them living on the reservation.  Little did he know that they had a secret that they were unable to share with Charlie. 

As an adult, Charlie had wished to go to college, but his parents’ health was declining.  His mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s, while his father was restricted with severe Arthritis.  Charlie felt he needed to stay near them, so he joined the Forks Police Department.  It was during this time, he was visiting Billy in La Push when he met Renee Higginbotham.  She was travelling through town with some friends, and they were camped out on the beach in La Push.  There was an immediate attraction between them, and they spent several days together while she was in town.  Renee promised Charlie she’d stop back by to visit on her trip back home.  While she was gone, Charlie realized how much he cared for her.  So when she came back, he asked her to stay with him.  Being impulsive and a romantic, Renee agreed, and the two were married within a couple of weeks.

Charlie Swan

Charlie was happier than he’d ever been, and he was ecstatic when he heard the news that they were expecting their first child.  Unfortunately, Charlie’s parents’ health worsened, and he had to give them near constant care during Renee’s pregnancy.  Depression hit Renee, and she wanted Charlie to leave Forks with her and move to a more sunny location.  Charlie knew he couldn’t leave his parents at this time.  A few months after the birth of their daughter, Bella, Renee’s depression got worse, and she decided she couldn’t live in Forks any longer.  So she left Charlie, taking Bella with her.  Charlie was beside himself with grief.  He desperately wanted to follow his wife and daughter, but he felt he couldn’t leave his parents.  Without argument, he gave his wife a divorce and child support.  He asked only that he could continue to see Bella. 

Within four years, Charlie’s parents died just a few short months apart.  Now alone, he devoted himself to his work, and he worked his way up to the Chief of Police.  Besides his summer visits with Bella, he spent most of his time with his two best friends, Billy Black and Harry Clearwater.  He had lost his other friend, Quil, in a boating accident.  The three friends spent most of their time fishing, and Billy gave much support to Charlie after his divorce and his parents’ passing.  When Billy lost his wife, Sarah, in a car accident, Charlie returned the favor, and he was there for his friend.

Bella eventually moved back to Forks to live with her father when she was seventeen.  There she met and married her husband, Edward Cullen.  They now have a daughter, Renesmee Carlie Cullen.  Charlie is a happy grandfather.

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