Born in La Push, Washington

Although Embry Call was born in La Push, within the Quileute tribe, his mother, Tiffany Call, was from the Makah tribe.  Since she’d arrived in La Push already pregnant with Embry, it was assumed that his father was also Makah.  However, when Embry was the fourth of his pack to phase into a wolf, the tribe knew his father had to be of Quileute descent, as only the Quileute tribe could shape-shift.

The question was who was Embry’s father?  It seemed the choices were Billy Black, Quil Ateara IV, or Joshua Uley?  Since all three men were happily married at the time Embry was conceived, it was hoped that it might be Joshua Uley.  Joshua had already hurt his family by abandoning both his wife, and his son, Sam Uley.  And Embry’s name does appear on the Uley family tree.  So this leaves Sam Uley, Jacob Black, and Quil Ateara V wondering which of them is Embry’s half-brother.

Growing up, Embry becomes close friends with both Jacob and Quil, and they continue this friendship throughout their teen years.  But when Embry begins phasing and joins Sam’s “pack”, he leaves Jacob and Quil behind.  Only the pack shares this shape-shifting secret.

Embry Call

Since Embry’s mother is not of the Quileute tribe, she is unaware of their legends.  This makes it hard on Embry, as he can’t explain to her why he’s never at home or why he’s coming in late.  Thinking her son is rebelling against her, she is constantly yelling at him.  When the pack decides they should let her in or their secret for Embry’s sake, Embry says no.  He doesn’t want the pack’s secret compromised.

Although sometimes playful, Embry is much quieter and reserved than his “brothers”, but he is very loyal to his friends.

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