(Emmett McCarty)
Born in 1915
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Being born into a Scottish-Irish family, Emmett McCarty grew up in a small town in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  There he worked on the railroad with his older brothers, while his younger sister helped his mother in their home.  As fate would have it, Emmett was mauled by a black bear in the Tennessee mountains.  Rosalie Cullen happened upon him; she carried him over a hundred miles to Dr. Carlisle Cullen.  Rosalie asked Carlisle to save Emmett by changing him into a vampire.  She later says that she wanted to save him because his innocent look and dimples reminded her of her best friend’s son.  Rosalie wanted to change him herself, but she was afraid she might lose control and kill him.  Carlisle gave Emmett painkillers to try and ease the pain of his transformation, but it was useless.

When Carlisle and Rosalie told him that he was a vampire, it didn’t upset him like they thought it would.  He simply told them, “Hell’s not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you.”  From that day forward, he and Rosalie were inseparable, and they soon fell in love.  The two have married on several occasions during their “lifetime”, and they often live apart from the rest of the Cullens.  Emmett is physically the strongest of his family, but he is very humorous and light-hearted.  He is always ready to fight, and he’s very protective of his family.

Emmett Cullen

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