(Esme Anne Platt
aka Esme Evenson)
Born 1895
Columbus, Ohio

Being raised on a farm in Ohio, Esme had a very happy childhood.  Her playful nature often got her into trouble.  When she was sixteen, she met Dr. Carlisle Cullen after falling from a tree and breaking her leg.  Soon after he left the area, but Esme never forgot the kind-hearted doctor.

Esme had plans of moving away and becoming a teacher, but her parents had other plans for her; they wanted her to get married.  So to try and please them, Esme, at age 22, married a man by the name of Charles Evenson.  Much to her dismay, Esme realized too late that he was abusive.  Her parents wanted her to keep quiet about the abuse, so Esme suffered through it.  When Charles was drafted into World War I, Esme was relieved.  For a few years, she was able to live in peace; but when Charles returned, it started all over again. 

Esme Cullen

When Esme discovered that she was pregnant, she ran away from Charles; she didn’t want her child growing up in such a dangerous home.  However, her baby died at only two days old, and Esme was beside herself.  She felt she had no reason to live, so she attempted suicide by throwing herself from a cliff.  Because she was in such bad shape, no one thought she would live, and they took her to the morgue.  Fortunately, Dr. Carlisle Cullen was working nearby and recognized her.  With only a faint heartbeat, he chose to save her life and transformed her into a vampire. 

When Esme awoke as a vampire, Carlisle explained what he had done.  To his surprise, Esme wasn’t upset, and she accepted her new life with ease.  Eventually she and Carlisle fell in love and married.  Esme had a special place in her heart for Edward, as he was her first “adopted child”.  She had such a passionate love for all those around her that all of the Cullens accepted her readily as the maternal figure in their lives.

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