Born in La Push, Washington

Jared Cameron is the great-grandson of Lorraine Huautah who was a cousin to Ephraim Black.  He and Jacob Black are distant cousins.  Growing up in La Push, Jared and Sam Uley are casual friends though Sam is ahead of him in school.

When the Cullen’s, a family of vampires, move back to Forks near La Push, Jared is the second of his “wolf pack” to phase into a wolf.  Sam Uley was the first of their pack to phase, and he takes Jared under his wing to teach him about his new powers.  Sam also helps Jared to accept his new lifestyle, and he and Sam become best friends when they form their pack.  Their pack gains another member when Paul Lahote phases and joins them.
Imprinting was probably the easiest on Jared out of all of his pack, as he imprints on a girl from his class, Kim, who is his age and already has a major crush on him.  When Jared returns her feelings, Kim is thrilled, and she takes his wolf features in stride.  Jared and Kim are almost always at each other’s side.

Jared has the best eyesight out of his pack, and he becomes Beta wolf when Jacob leaves the pack.

Jared Cameron

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