Born in La Push, Washington

Born in Tacoma, Washington, Paul moved to La Push with his father when he was eight years old after his parents divorced.  Paul’s father is a member of the Quileute tribe.  Though Paul is often smug, controlling, and has a short temper, he can also be silly and playful at times.

Even though Paul is a distant relative of Sam Uley, and he’s in the same grade as Jared Cameron, he’s not close to either of them.  He has his own group of friends that he hangs out with.  So when he phases into a wolf for the first time, it draws attention when he quickly stops hanging out with them and becomes “buddy-buddy” with Sam and Jared.

Joining Sam’s pack, Paul is the third of their generation to shape-shift.  Due to his frequent angry outbursts, Paul phases into his wolf-form quite often.  He is the most violent of his pack.  However, after Sam loses control and injures his fiance, Emily Young, Paul tries harder to control his temper.

And when Paul meets and imprints on Jacob Black’s sister, Rachel, he has even more reason to control his temper.  Paul still lives in La Push with his father, though he can usually be found at Rachel’s father’s house annoying both Billy and Jacob Black.

Paul Lahote

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