Born in La Push, Washington

Quil is the son of Quil IV and Joy Ateara; however, he was raised by his mother after his father died in a boating accident when Quil was just a small boy.  Quil Ateara III, his grandfather, helped his mother to raise him. 

Growing up, Quil’s best friends are his cousin, Jacob Black and Embry Call.  The three remain friends throughout their teen years until Embry phases and leaves Quil and Jacob behind.  Shortly after, Jacob phases, as well, and Quil feels lost without his friends.  So when he finally phases into a wolf and joins Sam Uley’s pack, he’s happy because he’s once again with his friends. 

Quil later imprints on Emily Young’s two-year old niece, Claire Young.  Emily and Bella are not happy with the situation, but they try to understand that it’s out of Quil’s hands; imprinting is not a choice.  Claire is very fond of Quil, and she is also very protective of him.  Jacob explains to them that, at this point, there are no romantic feelings between Quil and Claire.  He further explains that Quil will be whatever Claire needs – whether it be a big brother, a friend, a protector, or eventually a lover.  As long as Claire is safe and happy, Quil is satisfied with his life.

Quil Ateara

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