(Renesmee Carlie Cullen)
Born September 10, 2006
Forks, Washington

Renesmee aka “Nessie”, as nicknamed by Jacob Black, is the daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen.  She is half-mortal, half-vampire.  After her birth, Jacob Black imprinted on her.  She has a special power of her own, she has the ability to show you her thoughts and memories by a single touch on the cheek. 

Edward and Bella feel their daughter is a miracle because of all they endured during Bella’s pregnancy and Renesmee’s birth.  In addition to these difficulties, they faced the Quileute tribe’s fear that Renesmee would be a threat.  Also the Volturi wanted Renesmee to be destroyed as they believed her to be an immortal child. 

Due to Alice and Jasper’s attempt to prove the Volturi wrong, Nahuel, another human-vampire hybrid, agreed to come before the Volturi to prove that Renesmee was not a threat to their kind.  The Volturi agreed to leave them in peace after Alice’s premonition is shown to the Volturi’s leader, Aro.

Renesmee is known as the only hybrid with a supernatural gift.  Although her paternal grandfather, Charlie Swan has never been told the complete truth about his granddaughter, they are very close.  Renesmee is adored and protected by her family, as well as Jacob Black.

Renesmee Cullen

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