(Rosalie Lillian Hale)
Born 1915
Rochester, New York

Rosalie was a beautiful young woman who had been born into a wealthy family.  She had two younger brothers, her father who was a banker, and her mother was a housewife.  She was admired by all, and she was constantly praised for her beauty.  In turn, this made her a very shallow, self-centered young woman. 

When she meets the bank owner’s son, Royce King II, they are attracted to one another.  They become engaged, but their relationship is purely a physical attraction; there is no love.  Rosalie realizes this one week before her wedding as she’s visiting her friend and her new baby.  She witnesses the love and affection between the other woman and her husband.  On her way home, Rosalie encounters a group of drunken men, one of them being her fiance.  The encounter ends in Rosalie being gang-raped and beaten almost to death.

Dr. Carlise Cullen finds her dying in the streets, and he changes her into a vampire.  He had hoped that she might be a mate for Edward, as Esme as for him.  However, Edward was upset that Carlisle had changed her for this reason.  He loved Rosalie only as a sister.  And although Rosalie had no feelings for Edward, she was angry over his rejection of her.  She soon sought out her attackers, and she killed all seven of them, saving her fiance for last.  Dressing in her bridal gown, she found Royce locked in a room with no windows; she tortured him to death!

Rosalie Hale

Two years later, just outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Rosalie happens across a young man, Emmett McCarty, being mauled by a bear.  She carries him over one-hundred miles to Carlisle, who then changes him into a vampire.  After that, Rosalie and Emmett become soul-mates and fall in love.  During the course of their “lives”, they marry on several occasions and sometimes live apart from the rest of the family. 

After Alice and Jasper join the family, Rosalie and Jasper pose as twins due to their similar features, and they use Rosalie’s last name of Hale.

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